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online store update

Welcome to Mountain Ridge Candle Company. Due to increased costs related to supply chain issues we have decided to close our online store in order to focus more time on supplying local retailers with candles and melts.

We are still happy to custom make candles for you. Please contact us below to find out what scents and containers we have in stock or that we can make for you.

Why our candles
We are a small business that started as a way to earn money to give back to the community.
Our candles are made entirely from 100% US Made products.  This includes the containers, the wax, scents and wick.

We also believe that the candles should be safe and are 100% Soy Wax.  No Blends, No chemicals, and no coloring.

Rebecca Allen Barrett
We support local organizations in our surrounding counties.
Homeward bound
A local pet rescue located in Cherry Log Georgia.  Works with local shelters to find forever homes for Dogs and Cats.